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Dillon Ballowe

|1404 North Monroe, Litchfield IL 62056 |1-217-313-7161 | dillonjballowe@gmail.com |


Driven student in journalism and philosophy who has a natural affinity for writing. Particularly interested in entertainment journalism, such as videogame analyses and reviews.


Bachelor of Science, Journalism, Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

Southern Illinois University Carbondale – Carbondale, IL, United States

3.76 GPA (Magna Cum Laude)

Courses in journalism, philosophy, creative writing, web design/code, psychology, economics, politics.


Numerous journalism courses that required multiple journalism stories on varying topics, including: opinion pieces, features, crime stories, and public relations. Academic papers in English and philosophy courses, which have served to strengthen grammar, spelling and vocabulary.


  • Learns Quickly
  • Adapt to changing situations
  • Writes cohesively
  • Can think critically
  • InDesign experience
  • Photoshop experience
  • Illustrator experience
  • Code experience


Two-time Dean’s List achiever.

Journalism Scholarship Recipient.